Helpful Resources

Empowering Resources to help you live “The Calvary Life” :

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  • Be sure to check out our Media Resources page where you can play the audio file of any of our worship services or download them to your own computer or tablet!


 Other helpful links: 

  • –  A wonderful apologetics site to help answer skeptics and critics.
  • SBC North American Missions Board – – Find out about YOUR missionaries in North America.
  • SBC International Missions Board – – Find out what YOUR missionaries are doing around the world.
  • The Southern Baptist Convention –  Our denomination its many ministries.
  • Christian Answers – A website that provides Biblical answers to contemporary questions. Also a reliable site for reviews on movies and videos.
  • Spread Truth – – Spread Truth exists to equip you with Resources, Training, and missional experiences to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We long to aid the local church in equipping and reaching the lost with the Good News of the Bible.
  • “The Story” –  – (Select “Read the Story”) How did the world begin? Why is it the way it is? How will everything end? Is there any hope?